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Dear Sir,

The last thing I did at the games fair in Essen was to buy your game. On our train trip back to Zürich, I opened the container and closed it only when the train entered Zürich main station. We were totally captured. We did have to change trains in Mannheim and wait for about an hour, but I can’t really remember any of it - I was rolling dice.
On the next train, we sat on a table. Within minutes the other passengers started looking nervously at our dice and mumbling words, trying to achieve a higher score. Some time later, one of them could not hold back and joined in. For hours we tried to find the word which would score the most points. I have seldom been hooked so fast and consistently. Thank you very much for a great game!

F. Grossekemper, Zürich.

People playing Dicewords

DICEWORDS at Spiel ’06,
Essen, Germany.

I cannot begin to tell you the hours and hours of fun that your Dicewords game has afforded our family - your dice have travelled with us to Poland, South America and the States, they have been scattered across airplane meal trays, express train buffet car tables, knees on buses. A fantastic product and I will buy your Juggler whatever it looks like because small clever businesses like yours should be encouraged! We bought your dice from a craft fair - don't underestimate the power of these middle class events!!!

Mrs A. Goodman, Bishop’s Stortford

Everyone loves the Dicewords games and I’ve had to give away the 2 I already bought! I use them in my class as I am an EFL teacher. Really great. I’ll be ordering MORE at Xmas time!

M. Danet, Dingwall

Thanks for sending my first order so quickly. We have just had our first game and enjoyed it so much that I want some as gifts.

Mrs D. A. Digweed, Colchester

Dicewords arrived within 24 hours!! Fantastic service! I think it’s going to be addictive!! Thank you.

L. Webb, Christchurch

Love the game so much, am buying a Bundle and another game as Christmas presents for others.

Mrs C. Kerr, South Croydon

What a great game. We have just played it all around Australia and New Zealand and are now sending some out to some of our hosts there. Thank you.

H. Cobban, Tolpuddle

Our friends took this game on holiday and we had many hours of fun!

R. Tomsett, Fleet

Just to say that the Dicewords order on the 27/11/09 arrived on the 30th. I am much impressed and pleased at such good service. Many thanks.

F. Bromidge, Plymouth

This game is brilliant!

P. J. Wall, Welling

This will be a second set for us (we wore the first one out!) and a set for a present this Christmas. We love this game. Thanks.

Mrs H. Braddy, Corfe Mullen

Graham’s Top Tip!

The Dice Table sheets can be very effectively flattened by wrapping them
around the DICEWORDS tube (rolling them back on themselves).


You may like to try playing DICEWORDS Solo.
This is the same as the standard game, but it’s just you.

Can you score 400 in just five turns?