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Dicewords App now available for Apple portable devices

Dicewords app start screen

Tap Roll and you’re off!

Now you can also play Dicewords on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Skillfully developed by Stephen Watson, the Dicewords app is a very neat adaptation of the physical game, which manages to retain much of the feel of the original, together with some excellent app-only features. Tapping the Roll button rolls any dice on the top row of the Dice Window. To hold onto letters you want (when you re-roll), simply tap (or vertically swipe) those dice onto the bottom row.

The bottom row of the window is also where you build your word - in fact any block of three or more adjacent held dice is treated as a word, and its potential score is automatically displayed above it (eg. in the snapshot below, MOVED would score 55 points).

Dicewords turn in progress

You can horizontally drag the dice (both held and unheld) to re-arrange them into the order you want. Additionally you can flick a die to either end of the screen - a quick and easy way to move one out which you don’t require.

The Dice Table is an integral part of the app, appearing on-screen during your turn - so you can easily check the available letters on each die. Tapping a letter in the Dice Table will also highlight any dice which contain that letter (in the snapshot above an E has been tapped in the Dice Table, so the Red, Green Gold and Indigo dice are highlighted). This example illustrates that it will not be possible to build REMOVED if you keep all the currently held dice.

The app supports 1 to 8 players and automatically prompts the next player to roll. It keeps track of each player’s score - and offers word-checking and game clock too (both optional). Unlimited player names can be stored for future use - and the required ones easily shuffled into the desired playing order. When playing solo, your average word score will be compared across games, so you can see whether your skills are improving.

The app also features a Dicewords-based puzzle, which challenges you to spell a word of your choice as quickly as you can with the dice. Can you beat your current 9-letter best time?

* Supports 1 to 8 players
* Any number of player names can be stored/shuffled for future use
* Optional game clock and word-checker
* Includes Dicewords-based puzzle
* Saves current game and puzzle, so you can continue later
* Runs in 64-bit on supported devices
* Comprehensive Apple VoiceOver support for the visually impaired

Click button below to see DICEWORDS on the Apple App Store

Free version (DICEWORDS-X) also available.

Sorry, not available for Android.